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Contested Divorce Lawyer in Sarasota & Manatee County

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Working out the details of a divorce can be challenging as matters of finance and custody must be determined. If this is your circumstance, you require experienced and knowledgeable contested divorce lawyers in Sarasota to serve as your advocate. Trust in Faith Z. Brown, P.A. to represent you.

For more than 10 years, our family law attorney has been protecting the rights of our clients in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Venice, and North Port, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to advocate for you when it comes to property, custody, and child support services.

Are You Seeking Contested Divorce Attorneys?

It is essential to have a lawyer that you can trust. This is especially important when you and your spouse disagree upon issues in the divorce, such as child custody and support, the division of property, alimony, and debt.

This is the time to request the services of our contested divorce attorneys. We have the experience and knowledge to see that your interests are protected. Ask our skilled attorney, Faith Z. Lodder, P.A. to provide guidance and wise counsel in your time of need.

Before Contesting a Divorce

Contesting a divorce is the last resort. Before you get to the point where you ask the court to decide on child custody and the division of property, seek a resolution on some—if not all—of the sticking points in ending your marriage.

Our attorney specializes in collaborative law and will work with you and your spouse's lawyer to find areas of agreement. Through this effective process, it may be possible to reach a settlement between you and your spouse.

Negotiating a settlement for an uncontested divorce is far more productive and less damaging for both parties. Litigation takes time, money and leaves matters to the court to decide. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement, your future relationship will be much more amicable.

Contact us today to find a successful attorney to represent you in an uncontested divorce. We provide family law services
to clients from Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Venice, and North Port, Florida, and the surrounding areas.